Libre Galaxy Games

A custom-coded creative server with advanced tools and fun player-made games and events.
Create automatially protected worlds under your control for just yourself, you and friends, or the community.

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Can you teach humanity to be creative again?

Much of what makes us human has been offloaded to machines. In an effort to revive it back on Earth, you venture into the Libre Galaxy to practice the art of creativity.

👤 Who is this for?

Players looking to:

📜 What makes us different?




🪐 Planet System

Planets are Minecraft worlds owned by players used tor building or exploring. Planet owners can configure their planets to give or restrict access, change gamerules, and lock values such as time. Anything that respects our Community Guidelines can be built such as mini-games, homes, and terrain.

⌨️ Commands

Planet commands can be executed starting with /planet or /p.

Additional Commands

Awesome features you’re likely to use!

The dimensions of a planet are 201x384x201.

🎯 Our Goal

We’re aiming to have the planet system feel like a mini server where each planet has a unique experience to offer and controls to match it.

🔓 No Lock-In

Planet owners can export their creations to a downloadable schematic. This gives players the freedom to bring their creations anywhere. Most other servers don’t allow players to save their creations this way.

How to Play

Libre Galaxy supports players who use Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! For the best experience, please use the Java Edition.

🖥️ Java Editon📱 Bedrock Edition
1. Launch Minecraft: Java Edition.1. Launch Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and press the Play button.
2. Press the Multiplayer button.2. Press the Servers tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.
3. Click on the Add Server button.3. Click on the Add Server button.
4. Enter “Libre Galaxy” in the Server Name field.4. Enter “Libre Galaxy” in the Server Name field.
5. Enter ”” in the Server Address field.5. Enter ”” in the Server Address field. The Port field should automatically have 19132 filled out.
6. Press “Done.”6. Press “Play.”
7. Hover over the server icon and click the play button.

🧱 What to Build

You can make anything you want! Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas:

Looking for a random suggestion? Try using /whattobuild!


Q: How do I ban a player from my planet?

A: You can ban a player from your planet by setting their permission group to the banned group. To change a player’s permission level, run /p permission <username>. This will open a menu where you can select what permission level this user should be changed to. Select “Banned.”

Q: How do I set rules for my planet?

A: All players on Libre Galaxy must abide by our Community Guidelines. Planet owners may wish to create additional rules, typically communicated though signs at the planet spawn, as they see fit. The additional rules must not break the Community Guidelines.

Q: What clients and mods can I use while I play?

A: Minecraft modifications (“mods”) are an important part of the game for many players. Modifications can have a wide range of functionality, such as improving performance or adding new content to the game. However, not all mods are allowed everywhere on Libre Galaxy Games. You may use the modifications below at your own risk. They are trusted modifications that are unlikely to result in a punishment, but user discretion is still advised. These rules may change at any time.


Mods Types:

You may use any mod that helps run the game smoother, such as Sodium, Lithium, Phosphor, and Dynamic FPS.

You may use any mod that provides code for another mod to work, such as the Fabric API.

You may use any mod that helps you manage and configure your client, such as Mod Menu.

You may use any mod that doesn’t provide you with any unfair advantages and is used for utility purposes, such as Remove Reloading Screen, Paginated Advancements, and No Chat Reports.

You may use any mod that one might use for accessability purposes, such as Zoomify.

We ❤️ Open Source and Free Software

We use both open source and free (libre) software in our tech stack.

Minecraft Server Plugins

We also develop our own software under F(L)OSS and OSS licenses to provide a unique experience.

Bedrock Port: 19132

Minecraft is a game by Mojang. Libre Galaxy is not officially affiliated with or endorsed by Minecraft, Mojang, or Microsoft.