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What is Ethical Technology?

Ethical technology respects users and their right to 🔒 privacy, 🛡️ security, 🎛️ control, and 🙌 freedom, typically through 📂 open source and 🤝 decentralized models.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people by advocating for open-source software, digital privacy and security, digital sovereignty, and the right to repair. Tell Me More

Open-Source Software

Anyone can see how programs, websites, and anything else with code run because the code is publicly available. This often means people from around the world can contribute to codebase, similar to helping a friend build something cool with Legos.

Digital Privacy and Security

Keeping your digital stuff safe, such as photos and messages.

Digital Sovereignty

Using your own stuff to store and host your content instead of someone elses.

The Right to Repair

The ability to fix stuff yourself or bring it to someone you trust.

Why is it important?

We are deeply concerned about the negative impacts of unethical technology. The more we as a society accept it, the more it creeps into our lives. Think advertisers tracking activity and building profiles to sell targeted advertisements, algorithms that sway public opinion and behavior, and software many rely upon price gouging.


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