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Libre Galaxy’s mission is to help people become more technologically independent by offering free training on self-hosting their own website front-ends, federated social media platforms, and more. Self-hosting allows hosters to set their own rules, customize their experience, and better control their data and privacy. We offer written guides, video tutorials, and live examples running on our infrastructure that you can test drive.

Libre Galaxy creates, hosts, and advocates for open and ethical technology and information. We believe in the crucial role of free and open-source software, open information, decentralization, and the right to repair in empowering individuals to understand, modify, repair, distribute, and liberate the inner workings of technology and knowledge. These elements are increasingly vital in our society dominated by profit-driven corporations that compromise privacy through tracking, employ harmful anti-features, deny transparency in operations, confine users within walled gardens, and manipulate behavior for their gain.

Website 🛈

The hub that brings our mission, values, work, and community to life through services, tutorials, and compelling stories and insights. It provides alternative front-ends to various platforms and services like YouTube that proxy connections to deny those platforms from directly tracking users. Helpful articles like our ”Browser Extensions Guide” showcase how liberating browser plugins like “uBlock Origin” can vastly improve your web experience. Notable contributors are featured to provide a snapshot of the people behind our efforts. Core documents like our Community Guidelines outline our fair, human-first commitment.

Minecraft Server 🛈

The ultimate custom-developed outlet for creativity and fun. It runs on open-source software, such as plugins developed by Libre Galaxy contributors. Our ethical framework ensures a fair, high-quality experience that prevents key gameplay features from being gatekept or paywalled. Players can rest assured that our server is MUG and EULA compliant per review by Mojang.

Discord Community 🛈

The hub of chatter and discussion around our resources, events, and goals. Conversations around questions like “Should the government pressure social media companies to take things down?” dig deep at the philosophical framework around constructing policy that respects technology and freedom while ensuring the “social contract” while channels like “share” give community members an area to distribute their work and expertise.

Libre Galaxy is a small but dedicated team empowering individuals to control their digital lives. We need passionate people to write articles explaining key concepts, run virtual meetups, donate to cover costs, and tell others about our mission. Together we can build a future where technology liberates rather than exploits people. Will you join us?


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Our Discord server is the fastest way to connect with our community and leadership team.

If you wish to send an email, please send it to Martin at ItsMCB.Business@gmail.com.

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