Libre Galaxy founder, leader, manager, admin, developer and writer.

Hello! I'm a passionate technology enthusiast working to help people become more independent with their technology. I create open source software, use Linux on my desktop and servers, create and manage Minecraft servers, and run Libre Galaxy.


  • Libre Galaxy

    Libre Galaxy creates, hosts, and advocates for open and ethical technology and information. Read more in the "About" tab.

    Libre Galaxy founder, leader, manager, admin, developer and writer.

    I do almost everything.

    Janauary 1 2023 - Present


    - Coded the website.

    - Launched creative Minecraft server network running Velocity and Purpur.

    - Programmed Galaxies system for the Minecraft server alpha launch.

    - Setup services under Docker and Traefik proxy.

  • SouthHollow

    SouthHollow is a long-standing community-driven Minecraft network that features a custom mini-game called Natural Disasters among other fun game modes.

    Leader, Advisor, Infrastructure Manager

    I maintain the machine infrastructure and codebase of some plugins while helping all staff members make decisions.

    August 25 2022 - Present


    - Develops custom open-source software for the server that's availble for anyone to use.

    - Moved infrastrucure from one cloud machine to another.

    Leader/Owner, Creative Lead, Infrastructure Manager

    Developed more extensive knowledge of network security, compliance, and the Spigot and Paper Minecraft APIs.

    May 22 2021 - August 25 2022


    - Moved from Bungeecord to Velocity proxy to enhance security.

    - Developed custom software for Velocity to enable Bungeecord feature parity and beyond with /glist, /helpop, /discord, etc.

    - Adjusted IP tables to block traffic on unused ports.

    - Successfully responded to in-game privilege hacker/UUID spoofer and mitigated the exploit.

    - Moved to the more performant and customizable Purpur Minecraft software.

    - Moved to more performant and open Adoptium JDK for servers to run on.

    - Configured player analytics software called PLAN.

    - Setup global resource pack system using Phoenix616/ResourcepacksPlugins with GitHub as a CDN.

    - Trained new admins about the components of a Purpur-based Minecraft server and Linux basics like SSH and SFTP.

    - Created in-game Terms of Service prompt

    - Helped re-launch Hide and Seek

    - Utilized more secure SSH keys for remote logins.

    - Setup fail2ban to prevent password-based attacks; passwords unfortunately needed to stay enabled by vote

    - Moved infrastructure to new machine with help of team.

    - Entered talks with individuals and companies about potential partnerships.

    - Developed various concept servers such as "Creativity City," a plot creative server


    I moved my infrastructure to SouthHollow's and learned about cloud hardware.

    June 1 2020 - May 22 2021


    - Dealt with player account sharing situation.

    - Launched Vexel Countries beta and official release; a towny-based Minecraft survival server with custom enchantments, world generation, economy, and more.

    - Continually implemented support for multiple client versions with ViaVersion and ViaBackwards

    - Hosted parkour event with small cash prize.

    - Hosted multiple UHC events

    - Moved Vexel Games servers to SouthHollow's dedicated Linux infrastructure.

    - Learned about SSH and SFTP

    - Launched new TNT Run server called Vexel Run. The server featured community-made maps and cosmetic rewards from create keys recieved from winning rounds.

  • Vexel Games

    Owner, Manager, Configurator

    I independently created and maintained the server.

    April 11 2020 - June 1 2020


    - Launched survival-like game called Colonies, KitPVP, and TNT Run later down the line

    - Hosted fun events such as hide and seek in the spawn area. I created a "Skript" to teleport tagged players into the found area.

    - Learned basics of reading Spigot timings to understand where lag is coming from.

    - Launched Google Sites website to showcase the server, rules, and other resources.

    - Configured voting system to reward players for voting for the server on server lists.

    - Used Skript to create custom items such as candy that gave potion effects such as speed.

    - Collected periodic feedback from community through Google Forms to advise gameplay and event decisions.

    - Launched staff application.

    - Built Japanese-style spawn called Shizukana Matchi with fellow staff members

    - Released Vexel PLUS, a purchaseable rank to help support the server.

    - Livestreamed almost daily to engage with community members and to bring new players in.

    - Established community rules and adequitely moderated with tools like vanish and the Essentials punishment system.

    Merged into SouthHollow on June 1st, 2020

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